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 Have you read ANNALEA, PRINCESS OF NEMUSMAR? Then prepare to continue the journey, as old friends, familiar enemies and intriguing new characters bring to life the hardships and adventures of the child who came to womanhood while living among slaves, former slaves, slavers, merchants, colonists, American Indians, seamen, harlots and pirates. The saga expands in Volume 2  of the Annalea series.

Annalea, a Princess in Exile, is a historical/adventure novel bringing to life the people who were considered the nonconformists, the social outcasts and the undesirables of a European dominated world which connected the Americas and Europe through colonialism and the slave trade. This story moves the saga well into the early eighteenth century, and through the West Indies and the colonies of North America and, ultimately, to England-where destiny awaits.  Annalea is sustained and protected by her "family" (the community of freebooters and other social outcasts which has nurtured her since childhood).  But the evil which has travelled half way around the world to seek her out will attempt to destroy all who associate with this young innocent.  Annalea discovers that Innocence must die if the innocent are to live.

No, this is not just a book about pirates.

Word Count: 84,400

Historical, Action/Adventure



"You've nothing to gain from climbing those stairs."

"Scruffy" pointed his pistol at me chest.  "You are too bold for your breeches, taverner.  If there is anything up there to upset me, I shall be most annoyed with you."

He grinned sardonically: as does a fool who believes hisself witty.

The large dolts who'd ascended the stairs moved along the balcony, investigating each room. 

They found the middle bedroom to be bolted from within, barring their entry.  This concerned "Scruffy," who called for the attentions of the rest of his men.  Most turned 'round to witness the fuss, but none left his place at the feast.

Disgusted with his own men, "Scruffy" turned his attentions back to the upstairs and ordered those dolts, "Bring that door down!"

Poking me in the chest with that pistol, he grinned again, saying, "Now you are for it," and returned his gaze upstairs.

Those large blokes were like two human battering rams; they reduced that door to splinters in a matter of minutes–and then they stepped inside.  While "Scruffy" and his men were watching the doorway, I was watching me own lads, and trying to signal them with me countenance and me gaze to hold fast.

You could hear some shuffling about in the room upstairs: some laughs and shouts from the men, and loud protests in female voices.  One large bloke stepped from the room onto the balcony, pulling Annalea along by the arm.  Her beautiful dress was already half off and hanging down from her waste.  Holding her in front of him–facing out towards the hall–with his right hand holding fast her right arm, he squeezed and stroked her breast, and called to his comrades, "Look, see!"

The raiders all stood at attention, shouting hurrahs and other–demeaning–expletives.  "Scruffy's" jaw fell open, his eyes widened, and he was visibly drooling.  His pistol was in me chest, but his attentions were completely focused on activities upstairs.  Caught up in the moment–and elated to find hisself the focus of his comrades' excitement–the large dolt removed his hands from Annalea and thrust them straight up in the air, to emphasize his words.  "And there are even more of 'em!"

Annalea used that moment to break away, and darted back towards the bedroom.  The bastard caught her left wrist as she crossed the threshold and began pulling her without.  I could see strong black hands pulling at Annalea's other arm as the poor girl was yanked to and fro 'cross the threshold in a suspenseful tug-of-war.  "Scruffy" and his raiders were most amused–laughing, calling to the participants, and shouting out obscenities.  Our lads were not amused–just watchful.  And I was concerned as to what that other big bloke–still in the bedroom–was about.

Mam' pulled forcefully on Annalea's arm and shoulder, causing all but the lower trunk of her body over the threshold, and passing–momentarily–from view.  But that large, dull-witted scoundrel had apparently tired of the game; he'd stopped laughing and had a purposeful countenance.  He wrapped both his large hands 'round Annalea's left arm and imposed his muscular superiority to yank her back onto the balcony.  'Twas such a propulsive jolt, she literally flew through the air to be brought up against him.

His grin returned, and his eyes were so fixed on Annalea's naked breasts, he did not even notice the dirk which she brought out with her, clenched firmly in her right hand.  His last vision on earth was the body of an angel–afore she sent his soul to hell!  This all transpired in an instant; for Annalea used the power of his own muscle, through the tug which had brought her airborne, to bring the sharp edge of the blade 'cross the man's throat–cutting so deep as to envelope the entire breadth of metal as it passed along his gullet!  Having thus nearly severed the head from the body, she then used her own strength to drive the point of the dirk through the gaping wound and out through the back of the neck.

The big bastard rocked on his heels, tipped forward just as Annalea moved out of the way, careened over the banister–carrying her dirk still in the sinews that yet held head to body–and crashed through a table onto the floor, very dead.  Everyone's eyes were upon me angel, standing stoically and nobly on that balcony.  They could admire her spirit, but they could no longer leer at her breasts.  From chin to waist, she was so coated in that villain's blood, you could not make out the formation of her figure.

No one had time to absorb or recover from that performance afore came Mam' and the sisters out from the bedroom pushing the dead body of the other large bloke across the balcony.  It crashed right through the banister and came down to rest upon the first carcass.  "Scruffy" and his men were aghast–full stunned.

"Well, that cracks it open," I said.

His pistol still aimed at me, "Scruffy" returned his stunned countenance from the commotion to look at me and say, "Huh?"

He probably saw into the twin barrels of me pistol just afore I released their charges full into his face.  I'll spare you description of the result.

I'd need of no further signal.  Me lads were upon their feet, wielding their hidden weapons and making short work of that horde of jackals.  'Twas a raucous and bloody slaughter of incompetent fools who would confront warriors.  Our women armed themselves and descended the stairs.  But by the time the first of these had achieved the last step, the killing was over.  "Carnage," Higgins would've called it; and carnage it was.

I remember saying to Mam', as we gazed upon the bloody wreckage of our short-lived party,

"You have to lead–verily drag–most animals to slaughter; but men advance to it of their own volition."


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