Now Watch Him Die by Stone Franks

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 A detective. With a terrifying ability.

   A mercenary. On the edge of sanity.

A killer from the past.

   A weapon from the future.

A race to the outer limits of the mind.

   A point where fantasy overtakes reality.


A Stone Franks ~ Double Feature

   Now Watch Him Die


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Without Attachment –a psychic detective is cornered into a deadly game of chess where every piece he touches could be endgame. Comebacks –a mercenary discovers the ultimate weapon is fear, but is the battleground only in his head?


Word Count: 14,650

Category(s): Horror, Short Stories




He was in a field hospital, in a treatment room or operating theatre. He recognised it as one he’d been in at some point. A military surgeon was looking at his face with a studious examination expression, a gentle latex gloved hand touching his face, gently stretching his lower eyelids down to look under them. He could hear a generator humming and artillery fire in the background. The surgeon pulled up his surgical mask and beckoned a junior over. He was talking about Mike’s face and pointing at things.He seemed to be describing some kind of illness or injuries. Apparently he could remedy whatever was wrong by inserting some kind of metal implant that weighed only eight grams. Neither medic spoke to Mike. There was no nurse, no bedside manner.


He must be sedated or under anaesthetic. Was the anaesthetic working? Would he feel what would happen next? He tried to move—nothing.


The senior medic asked for the area to be swabbed. An alcohol swab moved across his forehead, but he didn’t feel the distinctive fleeting coldness. It was going to be okay.


“Marking the area”. The bushy upswept eyebrows of the senior medic set in concentration as he made an X in felt-tip on Mike’s brow. The senior asked for a selection of medical tools from the sterile supply. They were arrayed one by one on a nearby trolley, and some were carried over on green cloth others were heat-sealed in plastic bags.


“Visors.” Both medics donned flip-down plastic face-shields and pulled them down, stripes of hard white light reflecting on them.


“The nine millimetre, please.” The junior passed a dark, heavy, yet compact tool across. The surgeon held it in his palms, tried the fit of the handle and adjusted a switch. He raised it to Mike’s face.It was a Browning Hi-Power 9mm semi-automatic. Mike felt panic set in. He wanted to move or cry out, but he couldn’t. The pressure in his head increased, as if his brain was trying to move out of the bullet’s path inside his skull. The surgeon kept talking and started adjusting his stance so the gun was at the very limit of arm’s length.


Dreams in which you are in peril are common, speeding cars and unstoppable juggernauts fly at you, ominous dark things drop out of the sky, fanged creatures lunge, you defenestrate, fall off cliffs. It is widely held that the dreamer always awakes just before the moment of death, the impact, hitting the ground, being hit by whatever. Some people say that if you actually die in the dream you will not wake up as you cannot withstand the shock and die of heart failure in your sleep.


Looking at the rifling inside the 9mm barrel, Mike thought when the cartridge exploded, the round would reach him before the report of the gun, so if he heard the bang, he wouldn’t be dead. Or would his collapsing brain still hear the bang?


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